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Are Your Potential Customers Finding You?

If you haven’t optimized your business for local search, you may be missing out on a significant percentage of potential customers looking for the goods or services that you offer in your area.


Why Focus on Local SEO?

Local SEO is vital for anyone who wants their business to stay relevant. Since potential customers are searching for the best products and services within their locality, you need to ensure that your business shows up fast on search engines. Doing so ensures that these customers pick your business out of all the other businesses offering the same things within the area.

Local SEO requires a more targeted and strategic approach that is different from general search engine optimization.


How Does Google Determine Local Business Rankings?

Many factors determine Google’s local business search results. The three major categories Google uses include:

Proximity is where Google considers your business location while searching. You can check it at the bottom of the search page and look for the listed zip code.

When you access Google from your phone, the local algorithm gets more explicit information regarding your coordinates. The blue dot you see on your Google Maps shows exactly where your signal is originating.

Google uses a searcher’s location when matching valuable search results with their search. It considers how close the search point is to the customer. If your area has more competition, the coordinates get a more decisive role in local search rankings. Since many businesses are closely packed, Google is tasked with prioritizing one above the other.

Relevance demonstrates how the result is related to the keywords or terms people use when searching. Google may get hints from on-page SEO, website content, and customer reviews. The algorithm relies more on how a webpage fulfills customers’ interests and needs and gives them valuable goods and services information.

Also, relevance can mean how well your business profile matches what a customer is looking for. Always include complete and detailed information regarding your business to help Google have a better understanding of your business and match your profile to all relevant searches.

How popular is your business? Google uses various criteria to measure the popularity of any business, including:

  • Backlinks
  • Website authority
  • Activity on Google my business
  • Mentions

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